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How you monitor and manage systems at multiple PSAPs

Monitor, alarm, secure remote access, real-time remote data analysis, remote device control and trouble ticket interface for hundreds of PSAPs.

Universal (Vendor Independent) Monitoring and Management Solution

Any Vendor



Support for Multiple Vendors

The MantaSystem works on most vendors’ CPE, both old and new. Most of the MantaSystem’s powerful features work on the oldest legacy PSAP CPE systems as well as the newest LAN-based systems. We currently have MantaProbe configurations for the following CPE implementations and expect to add more as they are deployed:

  • 3200 (Single Controller) 3200 (Dual Controller)
  • Life Line 100
  • Phrend
  • Viper
Plant Equipment/ PlantCML/Cassidian/Airbus/Motorola Solutions
  • Sentinel
  • Patriot
  • Vesta

TeleCommunication Systems/microDATA/Solacom/Comtech

  • xT911
  • Guardian

Real-Time Monitoring (On-Site and Remote)

When you connect to a MantaProbe you can watch important PSAP full-duplex data on up to six serial ports simultaneously in real time.

Here are the sources of real-time data you can watch both on-site and remotely:

  • ALI Data (Two links)
  • CAD Interface Data
  • CPE System Messages
  • Printer data (Maintenance & CDR)

How Real-Time Monitoring is used:

  • Immediately determine if the ALI links are working and if they are not working, where the problem might be.
  • Watch ALI data from test calls for calls received by various service providers.
  • During installation and repair, verify that communications options and settings are correct.
  • Immediately verify whether CAD data is being delivered to a CAD system by CPE. In some configurations, acknowledgments from the CAD system to the CPE can also be observed.

Benefits of Real-Time Remote Monitoring:

  • Reduce the number of dispatches for diagnosing communications problems.
  • Allow experts in a central location to assist less experienced field personnel.

Interactive Console Terminals

There are four serial terminals included in the standard MantaProbe configuration. Four devices with serial console ports can be controlled both locally and remotely.

These aren’t just plain terminals.   Here are some unique MantaProbe terminal features:

  • All interactive terminal data is recorded.
  • Multiple users can access and operate terminals at one time (from any location).
  • All terminal ports can be programmed to look for specific data strings and generate alarms.
  • Service Provider can make individual terminal ports available to vendors to give them console terminal access to their equipment.

Here are some of the kinds of devices that can be managed with serial console ports:

  • LAN switches
  • Routers
  • PBX systems
  • ANI/ALI Controllers

How terminal features are used:

  • Configure devices (remotely and locally)
  • Diagnose troubles
  • Retrieve logs

Benefits of MantaProbe Terminal Features:

  • Some device programming can only be performed on the serial console ports of devices like LAN switches and routers. Other devices can only be controlled with a serial console port.
  • Sometimes, in-band LAN access to a device like a router or switch is disrupted and the only way to recover is to use the console port to correct the configuration.
  • Programming and configuration on some devices may be performed remotely, reducing unnecessary dispatches.
  • Since multiple remote users can simultaneously operate console terminals, several members of the support team can collaborate on maintenance.


Ping     SNMP     Discrete     String     ALI

The MantaSystem collects alarms from MantaProbes then displays, analyzes, and distributes selected alarms to a Service Provider’s trouble ticket system.

The MantaSystem collects alarms from the MantaProbes for display, analysis, and delivery to trouble ticket systems.​

The MantaSystem supports independent alarming for most PSAP equipment and systems including (but not limited to):

  • LAN Switches (SNMP)
  • Routers (SNMP)
  • CPE (SNMP, Discrete Contacts, Maintenance port strings)
  • CAD Systems (SNMP)
  • UPS Systems (SNMP, Discrete Contacts)
  • PBX Systems (SNMP)
  • Printers (DTR)
  • Routers (SNMP)

The alarms can sense events on a wide variety of inputs:

  • ALI Data Link Alarms (Missing Heartbeats, Missing Acknowledgments, Negative Acknowledgments)
  • Discrete Alarms (Contact closures or RS-232 control leads)
  • ASCII Text on all serial ports
  • Ping Alarms
  • SNMP traps

Alarms generated in the MantaSystem can be delivered to a trouble ticketing system.
Alarms can be filtered and qualified so that they aren’t generated unless they exist for a specific time or occur a certain number of times in a defined time period. Alarms can also be cleared by defined clearing conditions.