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Good tools to help you monitor and manage your PSAP systems.

Network Orange offers products that service providers and PSAP managers can use to monitor and manage their critical systems and communications facilities both on-site and remotely.

We think you’ll find products here that will help your networks work better. There are tools that monitor, capture, analyze, and control. They’ll help reveal and solve the mysteries that frustrate your efforts to provide reliable network services to the people who depend on them.


How you monitor and manage systems at all your PSAPs

Monitor, alarm, secure remote access, real-time remote data analysis, remote device control and trouble ticket interface for hundreds of PSAPs.

MantaStat ESD

Element Status Display

A good way to see if something went wrong.  (And what’s OK)

MantaProbe ALS/Patlite

Alarm Light System

A new way for PSAP agents to see the status of important elements on their network!