About Network Orange

A little background and history...

Network Orange, Inc. sells network test, monitoring and control equipment. We produce the MANTASYSTEM family of specialized test products for NG9-1-1 and E9-1-1.

A long time ago . . .

Network Orange was founded in 1979 and incorporated in 1981. Initially, Network Orange was the exclusive Florida representative for Atlantic Research Corporation and specialized in protocol analyzers, patch systems and network control equipment. Since then, we've evolved with the technology and now support products that test and manage networks of all kinds: LANs, WANs, Wireless, etc.

"Network Orange"?

We’re often asked about our name. When we started in 1979, our territory was Florida and we picked "orange" to identify with the state. Since we sold network test and control equipment, we wanted to include "network" in the name. So "Network Orange" seemed appropriate.


Network Orange produces a specialized test system that is installed at an NG9-1-1 or E9-1-1 PSAP for continuous monitoring of important PSAP elements. Hundreds of MANTAPROBE Analyzers are now installed in PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points) helping service providers detect, diagnose, and resolve problems with 9-1-1 equipment and communications facilities.