MantaProbe ALS Evaluation

Call 561-999-1299 for a free 2-week evaluation for qualified PSAPs

If you would like to try the MantaProbe ALS on your PSAP's network, we'll configure it for you so you can plug it it and start testing connectivity to your important devices.

We'll send you a configuration workbook, or you can call us and we'll take the information over the phone.

Then we'll ship you the MantaProbe ALS for a 2-week evaluation.  

It Pings

It will ping up to 24 of the devices most important to you.

It Blinks

It will flash a light with the color indicating the severity level of the device not answering ping.  If the connection is restored, the light will stop flashing and stay on until the Clear button is pressed.  If multiple devices share the same light, the details about which devices failed can be seen in emails or a log that can be viewed on the MantaProbe ALS. 

It Send E-mails.

If configured to send emails when devices fail to respond, it will send e-mails to up to 8 addresses.  Each device tested can have any of the eight pre-set addresses on the list for e-mail notification.